Why Solar

Solar System Installation in Morgan Hill, California

Achieve Higher Energy Efficiency by installing solar power systems in your home or business buildings.


Solar energy has become so affordable that the better question is why not go solar?

Currently, the state of California’s goal is to have zero net energy on new residential buildings by 2020, and on commercial buildings by 2030!

  • Lower energy bill.
  • Energy efficient home: Solar energy can effectively supplement electricity supply from an electricity transmission grid, such as when electricity demand peaks in the summer.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Solar energy generates electricity with a limited impact on the environment.
  • Government incentives: Net metering laws allow on-grid users to sell electricity back to the grid at retail prices. Subsidies to allow users to offset installation and equipment charges. Low interest loans for financing.
  • Tax incentives.
Builder/Developer/Business Owners:
  • Lower energy bill.
  • Energy efficient buildings.
  • Incentives for both energy and efficiency and solar.
  • Choosing to add or build with solar sets your business apart from the other competition.
  • Ability to apply for Green Business Certifications, and label your product(s) as “made with solar energy".
  • New energy efficiency standards and titles have eased access and reduced paperwork.
Solar Companies In California
How to Achieve Higher Energy Efficiency:
  • Improved wall and ceiling insulation
  • High efficiency appliances, especially heating and cooling equipment
  • Properly sized equipment: This is achieved through working with an energy consultant (such as Fresco Solar) to decide which is the best approach based upon your needs and usage.
Solar Panel Installation Companies California

If a trusted financial adviser told you about a zero risk investment with a 25% return and a 25 year life would you ignore it?

Solar is one of the best choices to invest in.

Commercial solar attracts a 30% Federal tax credit and five year depreciation!

Solar System Installation California

All we need is one year of your PG&E bills, and the address where you would like to install your solar array.

We will come up with a customized quote based upon your energy usage and energy needs, which will include the length of return on investment.

Check out this video from our CEO on how solar may be right for you!